Reusing Plant 3D 2014 Equipment Models

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By Andy Davis

Over the past couple of weeks several clients have asked the same question about equipment modelling in Plant 3D. Simply put, if I have created a model of a piece of equipment and want to reuse that model again, what is the best way to do so?

If you need another copy of the model in the same drawing, then you can simply copy and paste it bearing in mind that the Tag will need to be updated in the copy.

If you need to reuse the equipment model in another drawing or another project, then you have a couple of options.

  •    Save the Equipment Model as an Equipment Template ( a.peqs file) and create subsequent instances of the model from the template.
  •   WBLOCK the Equipment Model to an external drawing file and then INSERT and EXPLODE the block from the external drawing into your Plant drawing to create new copies of the equipment. Each copy will need to be re-tagged.


In either case, you also have the ability to create a library of equipment models from the Equipment Templates or from the block drawing files. 

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