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    By Andy Davis

    Quite coincidentally, over the past few days I have had several enquiries from AutoCAD Plant 3D users about the best way to reference a Revit model into a Plant 3D project.

    Unfortunately, AutoCAD Plant 3D does not support the direct import of .rvt files.  So, to reference a Revit model into Plant 3D, it must first be exported to an AutoCAD .dwg file. 

    Now, the .dwg file export from Revit may be configured to export detail in 1 of 3 formats: polymesh, ACIS solids or AutoCAD Architectural objects.  However, of the 3 formats, ACIS solids is the only format that produces fully detailed Orthographic drawings in Plant 3D; but it also produces the largest file size too.  Polymesh is a smaller file size and ARCH objects produce the smallest file size but each of these show inconsistant detail in Orthographic drawings.

    So, from a modelling perspective, ARCH objects are the most lightweight, but looking at the deliverables, ACIS solids enable you to produce fully detailed Orthos. Don't forget too, that the ACIS solid drawing must be inserted as an attachment if you want it detailed in the Ortho.




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