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    By Andy Davis

    I received a couple of enquiries this last week regarding the display of legacy AutoPLANT models in AutoCAD Plant 3D 2013.

    AutoPLANT uses its own form of custom objects (previously known as reboids) to display pipe fittings.  When viewed in AutoCAD without AutoPLANT installed, these custom objects are usually displayed as proxy objects.  However, Bentley provide a free AutoPLANT ObjectEnabler plug-in for AutoCAD that can be installed to enable the display of the custom objects in standard AutoCAD and hence AutoCAD Plant 3D.  There is a complication that arises with ObjectEnablers in that they are each specific to the version of the custom object that is displayed and the version of AutoCAD in which it is displayed.

    At the time of writing, Bentley have not released an AutoPLANT ObjectEnabler for AutoCAD 2013; however, I do understand that one is due for release mid-June. 

    Legacy AutoPLANT models may be viewed in Navisworks 2013, however, with the AutoPLANT ObjectEnabler for AutoCAD 2010 installed and the DWG Loader Version of the Navisworks DWG/DWF File Reader set to 2010.

    The latest released version of the AutoPLANT ObjectEnabler is:  AutoPLANT Object Enabler V8i (SELECT Series 3) v8.11.8151, downloadable from http://appsnet.bentley.com/myselectcd/default.aspx and searching the 'Free Updates/Utilities' Download Category.

    As a workaround, AutoPLANT custom objects can be converted to ACIS solids from within AutoPLANT and then viewed in standard AutoCAD.  To do this, use the COPYASACIS command in AutoPLANT to create AutoCAD solids out of the AutoPLANT custom objects. This will create standard ACIS solids on the current layer that can be wblock'ed out to a standard AutoCAD dwg file.