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    By Andy Davis

    I had an interesting query today from a client who was having difficulty embedding a BMP image into an AutoCAD drawing file.  He was inserting the image as an OLE Object but rather than displaying the bitmap image, AutoCAD was displaying the image as a package. 

    It turns out that he was choosing the Create from File option on the Insert Object window, browsing to locate the file and clicking OK.

    This would seem like the right thing to do - but does not produce the desired result.

    If running AutoCAD 2012 in a Windows 7 environment, the way to do it is as follows:

    • Enter the command INSERTOBJ
    • On the Insert Object window, click Create New
    • Select Paintbursh Picture as the Object Type and click OK

    • This launches Paint to edit an image that is embedded inside AutoCAD
    • In Paint, choose the Paste From command and browse to select the source image file

    • Exit from Paint and return to AutoCAD

    The image is now embedded with the AutoCAD drawing.




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