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    By Andy Davis


    I've had several queries recently about implementing lined wafer valves in Plant 3D. 

    In theory, all you need to do is to create a new end connection that specifies a bolt set without gaskets.  Unfortunately, if you do this, Plant 3D adds 2 bolt sets to the joint and does not calculate the required bolt length, it uses the default length from the bolt set chosen from the current spec.

    I reported this as a defect in 2011 and it has not been corrected in 2012.

    The workaround to this is to create a bolt set that is specific to the particular type of valve and flange set that you are using.  You need to manually calculate the length before you add it to the spec and also specify only half the total number of bolts required for the valve.  That way, since 2 bolt sets are added, you will get the correct number of bolts on the BOM.




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