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    By Miles Nicholson

    Autodesk have removed the classic toolbars preferred by many especially in the “vanilla” AutoCAD environment. Ribbons are easier to use and are context sensitive to the type of work you are doing. Furthermore they are grouped in panels so it is easy to locate the specific command you are looking for.

    You can change the workspace from AutoCAD Electrical to a “vanilla” AutoCAD by selecting the  Workspace Switching  ↓ You can also use the traditional dropdowns if you are struggling to navigate around the new environment. These can be turned on by selecting the dropdown arrow ↓ at the end of the Quick. 

    Access bar 

    Then select Show Menu Bar


    Finally if you are really struggling with the ribbons, you can turn on the classic toolbars by:





    You can then turn off the toolbars you don’t want visible.


    Please note that Toolbars are not supported in the Cadline Localiser and that it is clear that Autodesk are moving away from this interface. Therefore it is recommended to use the Ribboninterface.