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    By Miles Nicholson

    The tags or identification codes of components may be defined by the client or indeed a different department such as P&ID. The user is of course able to modify the tags using the export/import to spreadsheet  after the schematics have been drawn but they can also pull in these values from an external file whilst drawing the schematic.

    When a symbol is placed, select External List

    Browse to your list. The list has to be saved as a *.CSV or *.TXT extension. It doesn’t need headers but for ease of explanation, I’ve included them in the example below:


    Highlight the line of information you wish to use and select  

    Highlight the exact text from the Choices on the left and then the [ovw] (overwrite) button adjacent to the AutoCAD Electrical attribute. In this example PT201 > [ovw] > Tag; LUBE OIL… > [ovw] > Desc1