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    By Miles Nicholson

    *Warning* Multiply Owned Objects followed by different number i.e. "60F5" (for example) is showing that the drawing is corrupted. It basically means that multiple operations are trying to access the same objects at the same time. This handle ID is specified in the "Multiply Owned Objects" message. You can remove these corrupted objects by the following:


    • Type in command line:
      • (entdel(handent "handleID"))  - to remove that object
    • For example: if the object is "60F5" – then type in command line:
      • (entdel(handent "60F5"))
    • Repeat the same procedure for all other multiple objects
    • Type AUDIT and choose to fix all errors


    N.B.       The AutoLISP expression simply deletes the object; it does not ask for confirmation, and it does not tell you what type of object you are deleting. Therefore it is advisable that you make a backup of your file before executing the command.


    After deleting the object handle you can use AUDIT to check for any other potential problems with the drawing. The drawing should not contain any errors.



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