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    By Miles Nicholson

    The new mobile companion app for AutoCAD Electrical allows you to connect to your AutoCAD Electrical projects while on the go.

    • Integrate with Autodesk 360 or some other cloud storage for immediate access to your projects and drawings.
    • Integrated with AutoCAD 360 mobile app.
    • Use Design Feed for mark-up and collaboration.
    • Navigate the project surfing on components, terminals, and signal arrows.


    If the project and drawings are in the Autodesk 360 folder, they are seamlessly moved to the Autodesk 360 website. Upload projects not located in the Autodesk 360 folder to Autodesk 360, or some other cloud storage, to make them available to the mobile app.

    The workflow videos on what you can accomplish with this free mobile app are detailed on Autodesk’s website.

    If you are running AutoCAD Electrical 2015 then you are all set to go. AutoCAD Electrical 2013 and AutoCAD Electrical 2014 Subscription Customers can download a plugin from the Autodesk exchange app store to share their projects with the mobile app.


    Autodesk App Store Link:


    Apple App Store Link:


    With thanks to Mayuresh Athalekar at the Autodesk Electrical team



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