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    By Miles Nicholson

    Some customers have reported when running newer versions of AutoCAD on older hardware issues which relate to graphics cards, their drivers and / or hardware.

    It is recommended that when upgrading your AutoCAD that you check that your hardware and graphics card is suitable to operate the software.

    This can be easily checked by visiting:


    You can also locate the frequently asked questions at:


    Why is this important?

    Hardware that is not Recommended or Certified may not adequately support advanced product features; in some cases, it may cause problems during use.

    “Certified” hardware meets Autodesk’s minimum hardware requirements for the applicable Autodesk software product as listed on the system requirements page under product feature for the applicable product on their website. At least one configuration (e.g., GPU + driver, or CPU + GPU + RAM + HD + BIOS) has passed tests designed to verify that the hardware supports the product’s features.

     “Recommended” hardware meets Autodesk’s recommended system requirements for the applicable Autodesk product. At least one configuration has passed tests designed to verify that the hardware supports the product’s features.

    Autodesk certification testing focuses on workstation-grade hardware, as identified by the hardware vendor. Testing and designation as Certified or Recommended does not guarantee that a particular device is workstation-grade or that it will meet a user's particular needs. Test results are valid only for the tested combination of hardware and driver. Certified or Recommended status does not guarantee that the hardware will perform acceptably with other drivers



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