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    by John Flanagan

    When you zoom into your 3D model to inspect it you may sometimes notice that the facing brick bonding pattern on cavity walls doesn’t align at a particular junction (fig 1). This can be annoying but it is easily corrected with the Align tool.


    Fig 1: Facing Brick Pattern Not Aligned 



    Use the Align tool and the tab key to Align the facing brick pattern on the cavity wall.

    • With the Align tool selected, hover over a horizontal brick line (bedding plane) on one of the walls and hit the tab key to highlight it and then left click to select it (this is your destination point).


    • Repeat this process on the other wall to pull the horizontal facing brick pattern into alignment.


    • Try using the Align tool on the vertical line joints as well if you need to pull the brick bonding pattern to the left or right.