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    by John Flanagan

    •  Tip 1:  Hold down the Control Key and click the Tab Key to cycle through open

                project views.


    • Tip 2:  Hold down the Control and Shift Keys to re-cycle through open project



    • Tip 3:  Type Z and enter to perform a zoom extents simultaneously in several tiled

               views. This saves a lot of time on large projects.


    • Tip 4:  Select an element and type vh to quickly hide it.


    • Tip 5:  Double click in the blue area at the top of a tiled view window to change it to full



    • Tip 6:  Type SM for Mid-Point snap.


    • Tip 7:  Snap overrides can be found on the Ribbon’s Manage Tab.



    Use the keyboard shortcuts to activate you chosen snap preference.

    • Tip 8:  When using the modify tools in Revit such as Move, Copy, Rotate, Mirror and

               Array, you usually select items first and then the command. However, some tools

               you select first before selecting an item include the trim commands at the bottom

               of the modify panel.

    • Tip 9:  When using the rotate command in Revit Architecture there are two ways to alter

               the centre of rotation. You can click and drag or use the place option from the

               options bar underneath the Ribbon.


    • Tip 10:  The Aligned Dimension tool is located on the Annotate Tab but it is quicker to

                 access it from the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT).



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