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    by John Flanagan

    Visual display options are easily accessed form the View Control Bar at the bottom of the view or modelling window (Fig 1).

    Fig 1: Graphic Display Options via the Control Bar



    Open a plan, section, elevation, 3D or perspective view of any project and experiment with the different graphic display options listed above. The perspective view below of a Revit sample project has shadows turned on, hidden line style selected and a background attached. These settings create a sense of depth.

    Fig 2: Hidden Line Visual Style with Shadows and a Gradient Background

    If you want to achieve similar effects click on the Edit button in the Properties palette.

    Fig 3: Graphic Display Options on Properties Palette

    The following dialogue box will now open presenting us with further options to tweak our presentations.

    Fig 4: Graphic Display Options via the Properties Palette


    Experiment with the background options (Gradient and Sky) and try applying ambient shadows to create a dramatic muted effect (Note: You can apply your Hidden Line , Wireframe and Realistic visual styles etc. in this dialogue box).

    Fig 5: Graphic Displays applied to a Residential Model



    Once you decide which visual style looks best, you can quickly produce presentations to demonstrate design intent or as built / completed models.



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