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    by John Flanagan

    Have you ever counted how many ways there are to access commands in AutoCAD?

    The ribbon, grips, right-click menus, the command line, tool palettes, menus, and toolbars.

    Of all those methods, the command line has been around the longest, so it’s probably the most deserving of an update.

    This new & improved version now floats transparently in your drawing window.

    The dockable and resizable command window accepts commands and system variables and displays prompts that help you complete a command sequence (including commands that were initiated at another location such as the ribbon).


    Here are some of the command line’s new features:

    Command Line looks and acts like a toolbar:


    Click on the command prompt icon to access recently used commands


    As Shown below, when options of a command are available, these options are now made more obvious by the making the options coloured blue.


    The options in the command line are also selectable!!

    The command line can be docked into its old position by simply dragging it to the bottom of the screen.

    This tip applies to tool palettes and toolbars as well – If you hold the CTRL button while dragging the command line, it will prevent them from snapping or auto-docking to certain areas in the drawing area. This will allow you to place the command line precisely where you want it.





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