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    by John Flanagan

    This is the third and final list of important Key Terms used in AutoCAD. Print the lists and use them as a reference to understanding AutoCAD functionality.


    AutoCAD Terminology 3  


    Any specific characteristic of an object such as layer, scale, linetype, start point, etc.


    The Ribbon runs across the top of the drawing space and contains panel - each panel has a group of associated tool. Switch to different panels by clicking on the tabs at the top of the ribbon.

    Relative Coordinates

    A way of inputting points based on a starting point.

    Section View

    A drawing that represents a cross section of a part or assembly.

    Selection Set

    The current group of objects selected for modifying.


    This is a drawing mode that allows you to snap your cursor to precise points laid out in a grid pattern. Toggle with the F9 key.


    Formatting that defines the look of text, dimensions, etc.


    The basic drawing unit set for you drawing. For example, you can use inches or millimetres depending on your needs. You can also set the precision you want displayed, such nearest 1/4", 1/2" 1/64", etc.

    User coordinate system (UCS)

    Modifications made to the World Coordinate System (WCS) results in a User Coordinate System (UCS)


    A particular area of your drawing.


    A separate 'window' on your drawing. You may have more than one viewport visible to see different areas of your drawing at the same time.


    An easy step-by-step instruction set to help you set-up certain aspects of your drawing.

    World Coordinate System

    This is the common X-Y coordinate system that is the default. If it is modified, it becomes a User coordinate System (UCS)


    To view either a smaller section of your drawing (zoom in) or a larger section (zoom out)



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