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    by John Flanagan

    Follow these best practices when creating phases in your project:

    • If you consistently work with projects that involve demolition, create plan views set to Existing Phase in the project template. This helps save time in creating plans of existing conditions and demolition plans.
    • Phases, phase filters, graphic overrides, and views work in unison to represent the building model correctly. The default phase filters and graphic overrides works for a majority of project conditions. However, you can change them to help you make your design views more clear.
    • The two default phases, Existing and New Construction, are enough to represent demolition in a simple project without having to create aDemolition phase. This allows you to represent the demolition without having to create more phases in the project.
    • Objects demolished in the New Construction phase can also be shown or hidden by the use of phase filters.
    • Graphics overrides for phases are easy to apply and remove, and also work globally for all views. Therefore, use graphics overrides instead of changing individual views in a project.
    • For projects with complicated construction that cannot utilize phases, set phases and views early in the project. You can always add or eliminate phases as design develops, but it is easier to manage multiple demolition phases if you set them up and work with them early.



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