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    by John Flanagan

    Using dual dimensions to show metric & imperial measurement is easy in AutoCAD but you do have to make sure that your settings are correct. In the example below (Fig 1), the metric measurement on the left doesn’t correspond with the imperial measurement in brackets. 

    Fig 1: Dual Dimensions – Metric (Imperial) – Incorrect Format



    In order to correct this we need to open the Dimension Style Manager Dialogue box. To do this click the Annotation Tab and then click the little angled arrow located at the bottom right of the Dimensions Panel on the Ribbon (Fig 2).

    Fig 2: Dimension Panel



    • Next click the modify button from the right hand side of the Dimension Style Manager and the Modify Dimension Style dialogue box will appear (Fig 3). 
    • In the Modify Dimension Style dialogue box, click the Alternate Units tab. 
    • Click inside the Display Alternate Units tick box. 
    • Select Architectural Units in the Unit Format list. 
    • Set precision to 0. 
    • Click OK and in the Dimension Style Manager Dialogue box click Set Current before closing.


    Fig 3: Modify Dimension Style Dialogue Box



    Having followed the previous steps successfully, our dual Metric / Imperial dimension should now work (Fig 4). 

    Fig 4: Dual Dimensions – Metric (Imperial) – Correct Format