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    In this White Paper I will be delving into the creation, management and application of Survey Styles.

    There are two Survey related styles; these are Network Styles and Figure Styles. As with all other styles in Civil 3D these are accessed and managed on the Settings tab of the Toolspace. Before we dive into the specifics of creating, managing and applying Figure Styles let’s examine the concepts that drive them.

    Figure Styles affect how the survey linework displays in a drawing. Unlike Survey, Equipment and Figure Prefix Databases they are stored in the drawing file and should be kept as part of your template. These styles are not critical. However to maximise the effectiveness of figures in your drawings you should define the layers they will sit on and styles they will assume. The UKIE template provides an excellent naming convention for layers and I recommend you refer to it when creating your own. Figure Styles are tied to items in the Figure Prefix Database and the Figure Prefix Database then assigns a Figure Style to Figures that are imported into a drawing.


    Download the whitepaper below to