70% of BIM Users Say It Gives Them the Edge

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by James Philip

NBS survey reveals almost three quarters of industry professionals think BIM gives them a competitive advantage.

Almost three quarters of firms using building information modelling (BIM) say it gives them a competitive advantage, according to new survey data unveiled by construction specification service NBS at BIM Show Live in Manchester.

The survey, which garnered responses from over 1,000 construction professionals and was trailed in Building’s special BIM Issue last week, found 70% of firms using BIM felt it had given them a competitive advantage.

The full survey results revealed a level of scepticism about the information available for BIM, with almost three quarters (73%) of respondents saying the industry “is not clear enough on what BIM is yet’, while only a third said they ‘trust what they hear about BIM’.

When asked who they turn to for BIM information, fellow professionals and outside organisations ranked top (70% each), followed by the NBS (59%), the BIM Task Group (57%), RIBA (49%), and BIM consultants (40%). Less than a third turn to a CAD reseller.

Over half of respondents (58%) felt the government was “on the right track with BIM”, with only 16% disagreeing with the statement.

A third of people describe themselves as ‘not confident’ in BIM knowledge and skills, but the proportion who class themselves as confident has improved to 46%, up from 35% the previous year.

Richard Waterhouse, chief executive of NBS and RIBA Enterprises, said there was a “real need” for more BIM training and professional development.

Building revealed last week that 54% of construction firms surveyed have now used building information modelling on at least one project, a leap from 39% last year.

In addition, 93% said they will be using it by 2016, the date by which all centrally procured government contracts are due to be using BIM.

The survey found that awareness of BIM had reached 95%. This has risen from 58% in 2010.

By Iain Withers of Building,co,uk 


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