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    by John Flanagan

    Working with displaced views can be a lot of fun.

    Use displacement set tools in a Revit Project to indicate your design intent. Displaced views are used in 3D to illustrate elements in relation to the model, in order to better visualise the model.


    Displaced Views

    One of the great new features of Revit Architecture 2014 is the Displace Elements Tool (Fig 1). This feature is useful for creating exploded views.

    Fig 1: Displace Elements Tool.


    Select elements to create Displacement Sets and move them along their x,y and z axis away from the model. This view specific setting has no effect on the actual position of the elements. Displacement sets consist of one or several elements that can be positioned in the view.

    Fig 2: Multiple Displacement Sets.



    This example shows exploded views of the basic sample file in Revit Architecture 2014.

    Note: Within a Displacement Set you can displace single elements. Tab select the element and click the displace elements tool.To remove the Displacement Set and return elements to their original position in the view, select a set and click reset.

    For an illustrated example on working with Displaced Views in Revit Architecture, please download the whitepaper below



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