Revit 2014 - Alpha Numeric Revisions

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by James Philip

When creating revisions in Revit, the options for the Revision Number are numerical or alphabetical, however sometimes both are required A1, A2, A3 etc.

Revit unfortunately does not allow you to do this using the Revision Number column.

One solution is to use another column in the Revision Table to display the Revision number in the format you require.

This needs to be set up in the Titleblock family file.

First you need to navigate to the titleblock file and open it. The location for the standard file is shown in the graphic below.

Select the Titleblock file to edit and open it.

In the project browser expand the schedules section and pick Revision Schedule.

The properties palette should now display the Schedule properties.

Select the edit button next to the fields option and in the dialogue box that appears choose either of the available fields

( issued to or issued by) and add them to the Scheduled fields. Use the up button to move it to the top of the list.

Now move to the Formatting tab, select the issued to field and in the heading box rename it to Rev




Then select the Revision Number field and put a tick in the hidden field box. Select the OK button, save the file and load into a project.

When you open the revision dialogue box, you now put the revision number in the issued to field (see above)

and the revision column is updated as shown below.


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