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    by Gareth Spencer

    I get asked lots questions during training courses and on one recently I was asked the following question: If I add insulation to my duct work how do I show it dashed so it can be easily identified?

    Ok so the answer to this question is straight forward enough. All we need to do is in our Object Styles dialog box change the line pattern style from Solid to Dash, Hidden, or whichever style you require Duct Insulation.

    Then you will see as highlighted in the below image on the left side Duct Insulation as a solid line and on the right side Duct Insulation as a Hidden line.

    When you set the Object Styles it will change every type of Duct Insulation so if you have more than one system type showing in you model they will all have the same line pattern; for example Supply Air, Return Air, or Extract Air.

    Thing is what if you want each system type to be shown differently or you want the colour changing? Well using Object Styles you can’t change this so you may want to consider using Filters. I have put together a White Paper to show you how to do this: