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    by James Philip

    How to Create a 3D View of an existing Section

    One method of creating a 3D Section View in Revit is by using an existing section as the determining location for the 3D section view.

    Create a 3D view by clicking on the Default 3D View command on the Create panel of the View tab, if one doesn't already exist

    Right-click on the {3D} view in the Project Browser and select Duplicate View -> Duplicate from the context-sensitive menu to create an identical view. This will create a new 3D view named Copy of 3D 

    Make sure that the newly created 3D view is active, by double clicking on the view name in the Project Browser 

    Right-click on the ViewCube and select Orient to View -> Sections, then select the desired section view from the list of sections already placed in the model. (This will make the 3D view look like it is a section view, but will still be considered a 3D view.)

    Hold down the Shift key at the same time as the middle mouse button to orbit the view to display the 3D section as desired.

    The 3D section location can be adjusted by either by adjusting the location of the section line in a plan view, elevation view, or another section view to display the section cut as desired in the 3D view.

    Finally to rename the view right click on the view name in the Project Browser  and select Rename from the context-sensitive menu.



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