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    by John Flanagan

    Annotation scaling allows you to plot annotation text at the same height or size regardless of the viewport zoom scale. Annotation scales can be associated with annotative objects in AutoCAD so that these objects can be sized properly for specific annotation scales in model space and displayed correctly in paper space.


    A Variable Specific to this topic:
    The DIMANNO variable indicates whether or not the current dimension style is annotative.

    0 – Nonannotative

    1 – Annotative


    You can create Annotative Dimensions for measurements in your drawing through annotative dimension styles.

    Annotative dimension styles create dimensions in which all the elements of the dimension, such as text, spacing, and arrows, scale uniformly by the annotation scale.

    You can change an existing nonannotative dimension to annotative by changing the dimension’s Annotative property to Yes.

    For a fuller understanding of Annotative Dimensions, please download the white paper below