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    By Andy Davis

    One of the features of AutoCAD P&ID is the ability to publish process information into a printed DWF.  This is especially useful during review and mark up, particularly in a mobile environment where, for example, a tablet loaded with a set of DWF’s may be used to check against an actual Plant layout.  All process information available from the P&ID’s may be viewed in the DWF’s, mark ups can be made to the DWF’s and returned to the drawing office for review.

    The information that is transferred to the DWF is setup using the DWFOUTPUTSETTINGS command, and by default all information is included. When the DWF is viewed in Design Review, the process information appears in the ‘Object Properties’ panel.

    The DWF’s may be generated in two ways:

    • Individually, using the Export to DWF command from the Output ribbon
    • In a batch, using the PUBLISH command, from the Right Click menu in the Project Manager window

    However, when the DWF’s are generated using the PUBLISH command the process information may not appear.  If the process information is missing, check the value of the AutoCAD system variable BACKGROUNDPLOT and set it to 0 (the default value is 2).  Additionally, ensure thatP&ID INFORMATION is INCLUDED in the PUBLISH OPTIONS.

    For further details, check the White Paper below: