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    With the introduction of Microsoft® Windows VistaTM, Autodesk® customers have another choice of operating systems. Whether a company opts to adopt Windows Vista, Windows® XP, or another supported operating system (OS), Autodesk applications deliver exceptional performance across the board.

    To ensure the superlative performance of Autodesk applications on Microsoft operating systems, Autodesk has worked closely with Microsoft over the past 12 years, collaborating on product development, bringing innovative technologies to market, and exceeding customer expectations. As a Microsoft Platinum Partner, a Global ISV, and a member of Microsoft’s Manufacturing ISV program, Autodesk’s close relationship with Microsoft enhances Autodesk’s ability to provide products that raise the bar for innovation and transcend operating systems. Whether companies use Microsoft Vista or Microsoft XP operating systems, Autodesk is committed to delivering solutions that provide the functionality its customers have come to expect.

    The close collaborations between Autodesk and Microsoft result in simultaneous support for new technologies, as evidenced by the compatibility of Autodesk applications with Windows Vista and Microsoft’s adoption of the Autodesk DWF file format as a native part
    of Windows Vista. In addition, Autodesk has chosen the Direct3D graphics application programming interface (API) developed by Microsoft over the alternative OpenGL API. By aligning with Microsoft on Direct3D, Autodesk is delivering a highly positive experience
    to customers using its products with Windows Vista.



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