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    by Luke Davenport

    A very common question when using Frame Generator in Inventor:

    Q: How do I deal with duplicate beams to make sure that my BOM or Cut list sees identical beams as the same part?

    A: Often the best method will be to pattern a frame sub assembly. This will ensure that extra (unwanted) part files are not created. Patterning an entire frame assembly is exactly the same as patterning any other component in Inventor, however if you want to pattern only part of the frame assembly you may need to create another  frame assembly of the non-patterned beams, using the same master part, and then assemble this into your top-level assembly. Turn the master parts into reference components, and switch the frame sub-assemblies you don’t want visible in the BOM to phantom components (the beams they contain will then be promoted in the BOM to the top level), and you can create a very neat patterned frame. Of course a video is better than a thousand words so check this out – I couldn’t resist a (very simple) bit of iLogic at the end to allow infinite reconfiguring of the framework. Enjoy!