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What is the best practice for putting in an Excel Spreadsheet into AutoCAD (Full or LT?)



Don't use OLE! OLE is found to be pretty unreliable method of import especially when using nested External Reference Files and has all kinds of display fidelity issues with numerous Windows Platforms and systems. It does sometimes work but sometimes it doesn't! Why risk the quality of your professionally issued documents with such a tempermental function?

You are much better off using the Data Link Utility that comes with AutoCAD 2008 or later.

Execute the Datalink Command

Create a New Excel Data Link

Give it a name (eg. Parts list or similar)

Browse to your Excel File (XLS/XLSx) and choose the relevant Full, Relative or No Path option

Also select which sheets or the entire workbook that you wish to reference

The Link Setup process is now Complete!

Now execute the Table Command

Choose the select Datalink Option (Pick from the list)

The Table will preview, click in the window to place, scale and adjust the display as desired!

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