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by Dorota Wasowicz

Autodesk® Maya LT™ 2014 is a 3D modeling and animation software tool designed for indie and mobile game developers.  Based on the award-winning Autodesk® Maya™ software, Maya LT offers users a familiar UI and workflow at an affordable price. Maya LT enables indie developers to model, light, and animate 3D characters, props, and environments for pc, web, and mobile games. With detailed videos and documentation, a streamlined UI, a Microsoft® DirectX® 11 software enabled viewport, high-to-low resolution texture baking, and a polygon reduction tool, Maya LT is an ideal choice for artists of various skill levels.


Introducing Maya LT 2014


Autodesk Meet the Experts: Learn about Maya LT, 3D for indie game makers


Maya LT 2014 Extension 1: Modeling Improvements


Maya LT 2014 Extension 1: Send to Unity


Maya LT 2014 Extension 2: MEL Scripting Tutorial

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