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    by Graham Riddleston

    A couple of days ago I was asked to provide a demo to a potential customer on the production of Mass Haul diagrams from a Civil 3D model. I have to admit this is something I haven’t used very much but after a bit of revision it all came back to me. So I thought it might be worth providing a quick overview of what can be achieved. I’ll follow up this blog with a more detailed white paper soon.

    You’ll need:

    • A corridor (comprising an Alignment, Profile and Assembly)
    • A Sample Line Group along the alignment
    • At least two surfaces (e.g. Existing Ground and Corridor Formation surface)
    • A Material List



    From the Analyze > Volumes and Materials menu select ‘Mass Haul’

    Fill in the wizard as required and finish by selecting the ’Create Diagram’ button

    The picture below shows the Mass Haul diagram displayed below the Profile View



    More details to follow……..