Selection Cycling Missing icon missing in Civil 3D 2015

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by Graham Riddleston

Can’t find the Selection Cycling icon in Civil 3D 2015?

One of the most useful tools in the Civil 3D status bar (or any other AutoCAD based product since 2011 version) is ‘Selection Cycling’. This is used to aid selection of overlapping objects by giving you a list of all the objects that fall under your cursor so you can chose which one to select.

Selection Cycling is invaluable in Civil 3D because of the natural of civil models where you might have alignments, corridors, feature lines and several surfaces (and maybe some AutoCAD lines and polylines too) in the same plan position. 



However, in the default installation of Civil 3D 2015 the Selection Cycling icon has been removed but fear not! all you need to do is go to the customisation button at the very bottom right corner of the status bar (shown as 3 horizontal bars)… 

Select Selection Cycling (about halfway up the list)

And the icon will be back on your status bar


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