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    by Gareth Spencer

    If you have been using AutoCAD then you will of probably been using the design centre to transfer blocks, text styles, dimension styles, etc. for one dwg drawing to another. It's similar when you come to Revit, you can transfer the data from one project to another using Transfer Project Standards tool inside Revit.

    Transfer Project Standards

    Transfer Project Standards allows users to copy project standards from one project to another. The following standards can be transferred:


    Object Styles

    Line Weight’s, Styles & Patterns.

    Text, Dimension Types

    Print Settings

    Project Information

    Project Parameters (Note: Shared parameters can’t be transferred)

    View Templates


    Browser Organization

    Mechanical and Electrical Settings

    Structural Settings

    Family types (Only system families can be transferred)


    Lots more things can be transferred, I have just highlighted the main things.


    How to Transfer Project Standards


    Before we transfer project standards you must have both the file your transferring from and the project your transferring to open. If you don’t you can’t perform the transfer project standards task. Alternatively if you have a Revit project(s) linked into the project you can transfer project standards from the linked file.

    1.       In the project you wish to transfer standards, from the Ribbon Manage (Tab) > Settings >  Transfer Project Standards.

    2.  In the Select Items To Copy dialog box, you can select the  project you wish to copy from.

    3.  Select the project standards you require to transfer into current project. You can use the Check All and Check None buttons on the right hand to help select and unselect all.

    4. Once you have selected the standards you wish to transfer, click OK.

    5.   Whilst transferring standards you may get the Duplicate Types dialog box appear on screen.

    a)      Overwrite: Transfers all new project standards, and overrides any duplicate types. (Be careful as if you have created or amended a type Revit will just overwrite it and you will loses those settings.)

    b)      New Only: Transfers all new project standards, and ignores any duplicate types.

    c)       Cancel: Cancels the operation

    Transferring project standards from a Revit project to Revit LT project is the same process but you won’t be able to bring in the settings Revit LT doesn’t support.

    What can’t be transfer through Transfer Project Standards

    In Revit you can’t transfer project any views, so any plans, ceiling plans, sections, elevations from project to project. These will need to be created in your project file.

    If you wish to copy things like drafting views, legends, schedule, drawing sheets you can use the Insert from file tool.