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    by Gareth Spencer

    Command Line has currently been enhanced in AutoCAD 2014.

    In AutoCAD’s command settings has been enhanced to include some new tools and further enhanced tools that AutoCAD already had, which you the user has control of.

    • AutoComplete
    • AutoCorrect
    • Search System Variables
    • Search Content
    • Mid-String Search
    • Delay Time


    AutoComplete - Is enhanced if you don’t know the full name but you know some AutoCAD will search and bring up the command your look for using Mid-String search.

    AutoCorrect - Will automatically find the correct command if you miss spell the word wrong, you can also update your own AutoCorrects in the list.

    Search System Variables/Content – So if you start typing things ‘symbol’ in the command line it will know you want to insert and give you the options in the command line or even a system variable. You can even type in object or layer names in the command line allows you to insert blocks or switch to a layer directly from the command line.

    Synonyms.pgp – You now have a Synonyms.pgp file with lists of things so if you want to ETRANSMIT you can just type SHARE, SEND, TRANSMIT, PACKAGE, or ZIP into the command line it knows you want to ETRANSMIT.

    Remember you commands – AutoCAD will even remember your commands and as you type into the command line, it’s going to put those common used commands further up the list.

    Help & Internet Search – The command line allows you to access AutoCAD help or search the internet directly from directly from the command line.