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    by Gareth Spencer

    I am looking forward to trying out the new tools in Revit 2014 but for now here is what is new in the MEP Discipline.

    New Plumbing Template


    A Plumbing template has been added for 2014 which supports storm drainage, waste water, vents and more.


    The templates for the UK standards differ slightly to include more pipe fittings content, and they include cast iron and various types of plastic.

    Air Terminals on Duct

    • So now you can place or host  air terminals directly onto the duct, this is something that was defiantly needed.



    • New air terminal content has been added.
    • Flow propagation to support sizing


    Angle Constraints

    • Users can now add specify angles when drawing duct, pipes, conduit, and cable trays.  So users can restrict the available angles so when drawing the elements it will only give the user limited incremental angles.



    image016-796315.png (424×239)


    Cap Open Ends

    • Users can now add endcaps easier to ducts.
    • Close an open duct or pipe segment easily.  
    • Add endcaps to all open segments on a duct or pipe system.
    • A user can choose to select individual or group of ducts or pipes and use the Cap Open End tool from the Ribbon to add caps to all open ends of the selected elements.



    image017-797696.jpg (416×175)


    Please note information noted above has been taken from Autodesk information.



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