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    by Gareth Spencer

    When your building your walls in Revit have you really thought about which layer function when you are putting each wall layer into the wall?    

    Take the wall shown in the image above.  When putting together the wall you need to consider quite a few things:

    • Layer Function
    • Layer Position
    • Which Material to assign it too
    • Thickness
    • If it wraps
    • Structural Material


    So when you set up each layer you need to assign a specific function, which will join to its corresponding layer.

    The layer functions have an order priority:


    Layer Function


    Structure [1]

    Layer that supports the remainder of the wall, floor, or roof

    Substrate [2]

    Material, such as plywood or gypsum board, which acts as a foundation for another material

    Thermal/Air Layer [3]

    Provides insulation and prevents air penetration

    Finish 1 [4]

    Finish 1 is typically the exterior layer

    Finish 2 [5]

    Finish 2 is typically the interior layer

    Membrane Layer

    A membrane that commonly prevents water vapour penetration. The membrane layer should have zero thickness.



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