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    by Gareth Spencer

    Command Line

    Did you know that you can make the command line in AutoCAD transparent? Well you can just hover over it and right-click and select Transparency or click on the spanner; it will bring up a Transparency dialog box up. You can adjust how transparent you want the command line.


    Note: This doesn’t work if you have the command line docked; it only works when it’s floating on screen.


    Ever needed to move something over just a little bit then why not try the Nudge tool, its  allows you to move an object or multiple objects using the Ctrl + Arrow Keys on the Keyboard.  


    Wipeout Frames

    The new WIPEOUTFRAME system variable allows you to control the display of the frames for wipeout objects.

    0 - Frames are not displayed or plotted

    1 - Frames are displayed and plotted

    2 - Frames are displayed, but not plotted

    Note: The FRAME system variable overrides the WIPEOUTFRAME setting.


    Sync My Settings

    In AutoCAD you can store your custom application settings with your Autodesk 360 account, so you can easily work on a home computer or different workstation in a familiar environment using your preferred customization settings.

    By default, all custom settings are synchronized every 5 minutes to ensure that any changes to your settings are stored in your Autodesk 360 account. You can change the syncing interval and which custom settings are stored.