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    by Gareth Spencer

    You may have noticed that when you save your model in Revit close it down and when you reopen it next time the model will open on the view you last saved the file. For example you saved it last when you were in Level 1 plan; it will reopen in the view.

     Revit does allow you to specify the view that displays when you open your model. The default setting is set to.

    To specify the starting view, you need to do the following:


    1. Open the model. NOTE: You need to have open the model you are going to apply this to.
    2. From the Ribbon click Manage (Tab) > Manage Project (Panel) >  Starting View.

    3.  The Starting View dialog box will appear on screen. (As shown below).

    4   Select the view you wish to be the starting view. For example I have set up a drafting view called Project Details and this will be the view that appears on screen when the model is opened.




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