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    by Gareth Spencer

    It provides you’re the user information about a tool or item in the drawing window you’re hovering over. In some cases it shows an image or even a short video clip.


    When you hoover over a tool on the Ribbon it provides you with a short description of the tool. If you leave the cursor over the ribbon tool longer, additional information displays, and sometimes an image or short video clip demonstrating how to use the tool.

    While the tooltip is visible, if you press F1 it will open the help directly on that tool which provides more information about that tool. Note If you press F1 before the tooltip displays, the default help topic opens instead.


    When you move your curser over elements in the drawing window the tooltip identifies the element, showing its category, family and type.


    Adjust or turn off tooltips

    1. Click on "R"(top left) Application Menu, select the Options.

    1. 2. On the User Interface tab, for Tooltip assistance, select one of the following values:
    • None: Turns off ribbon tooltips and in-canvas tooltips so they no longer display.
    • Minimal: For ribbon tooltips, displays only the brief descriptions, suppressing the display of additional information. In-canvas tooltips display as usual.
    • Normal: (Default) For ribbon tooltips, displays a brief description when you move the cursor over a tool, followed by more information if you leave the cursor in place for another moment. In-canvas tooltips display as usual.
    • High: For ribbon tooltips, displays the brief description and more information about the tool (if available) at the same time, without a delay. In-canvas tooltips display as usual.


    Note When you turn off tooltips, context-sensitive help (F1) is also turned off. If you want context-sensitive help to be available, set Tooltip assistance to Minimal.