Revit 2013 - Split Sections

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Zen Admin

by Gareth Spencer

Did you know you can split a section? Well you can by using the Split Segment tool.

  1. First all you need to draw a section in your model view where it’s required. (As shown in below image)
  2. Select the section line in view and the Ribbon should switch to a contextual Ribbon (As shown below).
  3. Now select the Split Segment from the Ribbon (NOTE: I am using Revit Structure 2012 if you are using earlier versions you may find that this is on Options Bar below the Ribbon).  Your pointer should change to what looks like a knife.
  4. Place your cursor at the point along the section your wish to slip and left-click. If you drag your cursor away from the section to place it at the required location and left-click again. It should look some like in the image below.

As you can the split section has the usual controls to allow you to crop the region display, move the segments lines, and you can even break the section lines.

One important point to note is even though the section line is split the view line range is still the same so you may need to hide some elements in your view.

5. If you want to return the section back, simply to select the section and using the stretch grips on the section and drag the section line back to the original line. It will snap back to one straight section line like you had at the start.

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