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    by Dennis Collin

    This is a rather annoying limitation with Revit currently and of course the workaround is quite well documented. If you are not aware the process in that after linking in the Revit Architectural Model, you place MEP spaces in the MEP model where the Architectural Rooms are and then use the Space Naming Utility (from the Subs site) to synchronise the space names to the room names in the architectural model.

    And then:

    For the space creation process to work however, you need to ensure that the linked Revit Model property is set to 'room bounding'. Be aware that the current process with linking an IFC file into the model and have it set to room bounding doesn't currently work (at the time of writing) Autodesk are aware of this however, please don't hold your breath for an imminent fix!

    However I noticed that there may be another way, but at the moment it only works for the ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT category! But it might be an option if the standard method is not desired! Or if you deal mainly with Electrical Equipment.

    Provided that you use the LOCATION parameter, Revit will pick up the Architectural Room's name and number through the linked file connection. However this option seems to be currently hard coded to Electrical Equipment  and is not currently available for other categories like Data Devices, Lighting Fixtures or Air Terminals etc.

    However I don't see why this location parameter should be limited to Electrical Equipment, surely it should just be a question of 'turning it' on for other categories. It is just a matter of tweaking the code. I will mention it to Autodesk and see what can be done.