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    by Dennis Collin

    Occasionally AutoCAD users get our much loved software bombing out with the following error message;"Error Loading Heidi Module" or similar. This is very common on machines with older graphics cards or laptops with ‘onboard’ graphics. To solve this of course we can disable the Hardware Acceleration option on our system.

    With AutoCAD and only fairly recently with Acad LT this is easy to do in ‘OPTIONS’ by going to system performance and adjusting the Graphics Card settings there. But what do you do with TruView (which is what is used in Vault and anyone just needing to view or track drawings) Although you have an options dialogue the number of tabs is frustratingly limited!!

    However in recent years Autodesk have added a button to TruView and LT in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, clicking on this icon will switch to software mode and can make DWG viewing and thumbnail production less troublesome, and eliminate Heidi for good!

    What we see in AutoCAD/LT

    What we see in the TruView application



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