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    by Dennis Collin

    I have had a number of calls and messages lately of AutoCAD, LT and various flavour of AutoCADs behaving oddly lately where they have lost their ‘WINDOWS’ environment and function more like a DOS based product.

     This is an age old problem with AutoCAD, where certain dialogue boxes go missing, often when an application has been installed and/or the software has had, shall we say, an ungraceful exit? (In other words crashed)

    Upon reopening the software, all the file access commands can only via the command line. This can also happen for no apparent reason perhaps after a software or system update or reset.

    To fix the issue it is very easy, (once you know how!)

    Open your AutoCAD based product

    On the command line type; FILEDIA   press <ENTER>

    Autocad will return a value most likely with something like the following;

    Enter a new value for Filedia <0>

    Type ‘1’ and press <ENTER>

    The dialogue box should now return with the open or save command.

    Related issues can also be cured by typing

    Ribbon – Restores lost ribbon environment

    CMDDIA – Restores Plotting Dialogue Box (and other interfaces)

    ATTDIA – Restores or Initiates the attribute editing dialogue box



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