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    by Dennis Collin

    Does your cursor seem sluggish?
    Does it take a second or two to move after you launch a command?
    Do the crosshairs seem to "stick" all over the screen?

    If you are experiencing any of these problems, do this quick test. Disable ALL of the modes stored in the application status bar.

    Has that improved the graphical performance any?

    The two most common suspects are DUCS (Dynamic UCS) and SC (Selection Cycling). Either of these enabled in anything other than a very simple drawing can cause you all sorts of issuess. This is especially true for the dynamic UCS if you are primarily working in a 2D drawing but have some objects not on the 0.0 elevation plane. It is prudent therefore to switch anything off that you don't actually need.

    Another thing to try is the 3Dconfig command and enable (or disable Hardware acceleration) this will depend upon you graphics hardware and local system settings. I have found on support for different customers both options have worked!!

    Under options the SELECTIONPREVIEW variable (Try setting to Zero) is also something that can impede cursor performance. Check snapping to Hatch objects is switched off too, along with hatch transparency controls, next the the selection cycling toggle.

    Failing these it may be worth checking your Windows drivers, are they certified? are they up to date? If the graphics card is a new model some of the early drivers are a little flakey and can cause problems.



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