Inventor 2015 - Vault Quick Tip - Creating a Drawing

Zen Admin
Zen Admin

by David Gate

Inventor and Vault work really nicely together and hopefully you have some already robust practices in place to always use the “Open From Vault”.

This allows you to always make sure you have the correct model and everything is up to date.


But when creating a new drawing I bet you first use the “Open From Vault” command to open up your model and then create the drawing.


Well in fact you can use the “Open From Vault” command when placing your view.


Just create a new drawing and go to place a “Base View”.

Normally this shows your last active model and the main drop down offers you other open models. But to the left is a browse option. This browses your local workspace (not ideal for Vault users best practice). But hidden away underneath the browse option is a Browse Vault command.

The next dialog is your usual “Open From Vault” one with all the useful Vault searching, properties etc.

It then gets you a local copy of the latest version and allows you to continue placing your views as normal.

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