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    by David Gate

    Match a Showcase colour to any other colour in any other file!

    When working in Showcase it is important to get your products or scenes looking as realistic as possible.


    Half the challenge is matching the material colours in Showcase to your real life colours.

    Showcase has a colour picker (pipet) that allows you to select a colour from any location, be that somewhere else in the Showcase scene, but also from any other program you have open. Ie you can grab a colour from a photo, video, website or anything!


    The colour picker tool can be found in the material editor.


    First right click on the object you want to change colour, if you want to change just this one object then pick “Material Properties”, if you want to change this material for the whole scene then pick “In Scene Materials Properties”.

    Next start to setup the material.

    Click on the color box, to open up the colours dialog.

    Then you can manually set the colour if you want or know the RGB values etc. but if you want to match a colour then activate the picker.

    Then use this to match your desired colour. In the animation below I had an image of a Ferrari found online so I could match the red.




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