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    by David Gate

    Many of the Autodesk Products have integrated features with Microsoft Office products.

    You can install a Vault Ribbon into your Office applications so that you can easily manage and Vault all your documents directly from the Office application. Inventor can link to Excel or embed Excel files for parameters, ifeatures, iparts, iassemblies and thread/hole customisation. Inventor Publisher can directly link with Microsoft Word via Ribbon Add-in so that your instruction manuals and technical documentation have live links to your Inventor models.


    We often get support calls submitted relating to these integrations not functioning properly and this often stems from the wrong version of Office being installed so that it is not compatible.


    Please find a table below which indicates which Microsoft Office programs are compatible with Autodesk’s. In all of the cases below these products need to be fully installed, licensed and run on the machine before the Autodesk product is installed.


    Please note that Inventor 2015 no longer supports Excel 2003 and also note that Vault 2015 doesn’t support Office 2003 or 2007. So if you plan to upgrade your Autodesk product please make sure that your Microsoft Office is the correct version.