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    by David Gate

    When creating assemblies in Inventor, you often want/need to create slight variations on the components being used. In a traditional sense you first need to either model each component separately, or create one component, do a “save as”. Then open this new copy and change the parameters that are different. Then place these into your assembly.

    This can be a lengthy process especially if you are having to create a lot of very similar parts that are all ever so slightly different.


    “Place iLogic Component” does all this and more in one simple command, the name is slightly off putting as iLogic usually involves lots of coding. Well you will be glad to hear that this involves no coding and your current parts will work with this command straight away.

    The below video shows a the simple use of this tool. It allows you to pick a part or assembly file, place it into your assembly but before placing it allows you to the parameters, if you do not set the needed parameters as ‘key’ it will list all parameters in the file. It will then create a unique variation copied from that original component and save it for you.

    It can be used for more complex routines with sub-assemblies and also linking the parameters of the part you are placing to parameters that are already in the assembly file. Take a look at the wiki help for more information.