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    When exporting BIM models from Inventor there are a few properties which are created automatically.


    These are for simple information and allow the user of this BIM information to either contact the creator or view a website.

    If you are requested to include more information with your BIM models then you have a couple of options. In general attaching a web link to a product specification or similar will provide them with all the information they need and also save you a lot of time as this probably already exists.

    But if you want to or if your client/customer/… requests the BIM model to include properties then these can be added. First off you can add extra model information in the BIM export command.

    This allows you to bring through any model iproperties but also bring through any custom generated properties. If you want to change any of these values or add custom properties then you need to does this in the iProperties dialog.


    To access this while in the BIM exchange right click on the model root in the model browser just like you would when normally modelling.




    Then change all the existing properties and add any extra custom ones you need.


    Then after all the export these properties appear in Revit.



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