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    When installing the new 2014 suites sometimes the VBA tool may not install correctly, this could be due to anti-virus, admin rights.

    But this missing tool wont cause you any problems unless you want to use the VBA add-in within Inventor or you have some macros from a previous version.

    To get it working you just need to simply install the VBA tool manually.

    First close Inventor and any other programs.

    The install file will be included in the 2014 suites which you have probably downloaded and extracted.

    The location of this should be C:\Autodesk\Autodesk_PRDSU_2014_Enu_Win_64bit_dlm\3rdParty\x64\VBA depending on which suite you have, if you are running 32bit then browser to that location instead of the 64bit.

    In this folder locate the VBA7.msi, then importantly you need to right click and choose the install option. Double clicking won’t work.

    Then find the language specifc msi. For English this is VBA71033.msi, again right click install.

    Now when you start Inventor the VBA Editor tool should work.

    Vba71033.MSI - for US English
    Vba71031.msi - for German
    Vba71036.msi - for French

    For More information please see: http://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/factory-design-suite/troubleshooting/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/Macros-or-VBA-editor-command-button-will-not-work-in-Inventor-2014-after-installed-from-Suite-installer.html