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    by David Gate

    If you have created your own custom content center library then it is likely that you will want to edit the families and members, rename them, move them or even delete them.

    The Wikihelp page has some useful information on using the content center editor.


    One bit that is worth noting that can be easily brushed over.

    Many of the tools are only available if you have the library view set to the specific custom read/write library and are not available when you are looking at the Merged View.

    Below is the info taken from the Wikihelp explaining the tools which you will only find when looking at your own library and not the combined merged view. The other important tool that is not available in the Merged View is the Delete Family option.


    Replace Family Template

    Replaces the family template file saved in the Content Center library with a new file. Available only if a read/write library is selected in Library View.

    File Naming

    Edits the file name expression for the selected family in the File Naming dialog box. Available only if a read/write library is selected in Library View.

    Move To

    Moves the selected family to another read/write library. Available only if a user read/write library is selected from the Library View list.


    Below are two screenshots showing you the difference in menu options when you have the Library View set to both Merged and My Library.